The Eleven

Originally located in metro-Boston, The Eleven was moulded by its time in the MIT community. We relocated to Hong Kong in 2003. We've been on the internet since the early 1980s and have had a web presence since the 1990s.

We love technology, but realize it's often overwhelming. We've user tested prototypes, as well as established products, and have evaluated many as unusable. We've written user manuals and have asked manufacturers to make changes to make their products more intuitive to use.

We've built firewalls to keep the bad guys out there. We've written scripts to create web reports from security logs to see who's trying to break in. We were asked to write a chapter on building secure web servers for a book by a prominent publisher. We've built email systems with spam and anti-virus filters to ensure that seeing that sort of thing is a rare thing.

We like hand crafted web sites. We really like technology that makes creating web sites easier and faster. We love technology that make our web sites faster, especially when they use fewer resources.

If you need someone with any of these experiences, we're available to help.

Product Sourcing

Do you need to find someone selling a product at a price you like? Do you need someone to make your product for you?
Learn more about our Product Sourcing services.

Network Ops & Security

You don't think someone wants to take down your website? You don't think someone wants to listen to your phone messages and read your emails? Well, even so, rest assured there are syndicates that want to use your resources to help commit their crimes.
Learn more about our Network Security sevices.

Web Design & Architecture

Do you get frustrated with web sites where you can't find the information you want? Does all the eye candy leave you waiting to get to the main content? Does your site struggle with the extra traffic any time you receive a recommendation?
Learn more about our Web Design and Web Architecture services.